MDF for Cabinets

Should I Use MDF for Cabinets? 4 Things You Should Know

Have you wondered, “Should I use MDF for cabinets?” When it comes to installing new cabinets, most homeowners find themselves weighing the pros and cons of MDF over solid wood. While you may think solid wood is the clear winner—it is more expensive, after all—you may be mistaken. MDF board is often the better choice for kitchen remodels. Here’s why:

1. MDF Board Won’t Warp or Crack

When you expose solid wood to humidity or sudden temperature changes, you risk warping and cracking. This phenomenon occurs whenever the wood expands. Cracks are especially noticeable on painted surfaces.

MDF, on the other hand, doesn’t warp or crack. Although the material still expands and contracts, it moves as a single unit. As a result, you don’t have to worry about uneven cabinet doors.

2. MDF Is Easier to Paint

Many homeowners prefer to paint their kitchen cabinets. Yes, you can easily paint solid wood cabinets, but you won’t be able to cover up the grain of the wood. Painted wood often looks splotchy as a result.

The particles of MDF board are much finer, so there is no noticeable grain. Since the surface is a lot smoother, painting MDF cabinets is a breeze. You can expect even coverage after one or two coats of paint.

3. Bugs Don’t Like MDF Board

The last place you want to find bugs is inside your kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, many species of pests enjoy setting up residence inside solid wood. Termites, for example, have a reputation for feasting on wooden fixtures. An untreated insect infestation can leave extensive damage throughout your home.

Bugs don’t like MDF. That’s because MDF boards have a high glue content, which insects don’t enjoy eating. You’re less likely to find a termite or pest infestation hiding inside your MDF cabinets. If bugs make you queasy, MDF is the way to go.

4. Manufactured to Be Water-Resistant

Wood and water don’t mix well. Unfinished wood is prone to rot when exposed to moisture. Cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom are likely to get wet at some point. If you choose solid wood cabinets, make sure you seal them with a protective waterproof coating.

On the other hand, MDF boards have better water resistance. You don’t have to worry about wood rot, and the material will hold its shape in wet rooms. That’s why many contractors recommend MDF for both kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Choose the Right Material for Your Renovation

Both solid wood and MDF make long-lasting cabinets, but the right material depends on your personal taste and needs. Renew Kitchen & Bath offers a wide range of renovation services for your kitchen or bathroom. We can help you create a design that exceeds your expectations without going over budget. Still pondering, “Should I use MDF for cabinets?” Get in touch with Renew Kitchen and Bath to figure out if solid wood or MDF is the best choice for your new cabinets.

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