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Why Many Homeowners Prefer MDF Cabinet Doors to Solid Wood

Are MDF cabinet doors a good option for your kitchen? How does MDF compare to solid wood? Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen upgrade or remodel can be overwhelming. There are so many options and opinions that your head may be spinning. Let’s take a closer look at cabinet doors made of MDF board. We’ll explore what MDF is, the benefits, and how it compares to solid wood.

What Are MDF Cabinet Doors?

MDF stands for “medium-density fiberboard,” which is wood engineered from residuals, or sawdust particles, of soft or fine hardwood. Manufacturers hold the residuals together with adhesives and resins and press them into solid, hard sheets using pressure and heat.

The result of this process is a material that is denser and stronger than particle board, yet a step above plywood. MDF is available in different types and sizes, with variations in density, adhesives, species of wood, moisture content, and thickness.

While there are people who think solid wood is always the superior option for cabinet doors, in some cases MDF board is a more suitable material. Some cabinet builders prefer using MDF for the door and drawer fronts because of its affordability, durability, and versatility.

Benefits of MDF Board for Cabinets

If you are thinking about using MDF for your home, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Ideal for painted cabinets because MDF has a smooth surface with no noticeable grain or knots
  • Easily customizable to create any style or size of the cabinet door you have in mind
  • Budget-friendly- low price means you can stretch your remodeling budget
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Environmentally-friendly – MDF is primarily recycled wood
  • Low incidence of insect and pest infestations

MDF vs. Solid Wood

Comparing MDF to solid wood reveals a few differences – the main one being that MDF is more affordable. While MDF has had a bad rap as being a cheap wood-alternative akin to particleboard, more and more homeowners are realizing there’s no need to turn a nose up to the medium-density fiberboard product. Affordability doesn’t necessarily correlate with an inferior material. The results for MDF cabinet doors can be just as beautiful as solid wood.

Below are some of the differences between MDF and solid wood:

  • Due to the wood grain and natural knotting, solid wood isn’t always the best choice for painted cabinets. The smooth surface of MDF responds well to a variety of paints.
  • MDF allows for greater consistency in appearance from door to door than solid wood. However, if you want the unique natural grain to shine through, solid wood is a good option.
  • It’s easier to create large cabinet doors out of MDF than solid wood.
  • In addition to being more affordable, MDF is a greener choice than solid wood because it minimizes waste.
  • There are fewer cracking or warping issues with MDF cabinet doors, but solid wood tends to be more heat-resistant.

Do you need an expert to help you determine if MDF board is right for your cabinet doors or if solid wood is the better option? Reach out to the team at Renew Kitchen & Bath today. Contact us online now.

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